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Zachary Carpenter

Zachary Carpenter, PhD

Founder and CEO, VantAI
Zachary Carpenter, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of VantAI, and is driven by a passion for the intersection between biology and computer science. Before founding VantAI, Zach led early discovery at Quantum Black, a McKinsey & Company subsidiary focused on ML, where he was instrumental in providing AI strategy, engineering, and implementation advisory to leading global firms across a wide variety of sectors. Prior to this, at McKinsey & Company, he contributed to over 50 engagements across at the intersection of innovation and technology, with particularly deep experience across all aspects of early R&D in biopharma. Zach obtained his M.A., M.Phil. in Pharmacology & Molecular Signaling, and Ph.D. in Computational Biology from Columbia University, including the integrated MIG Scholars program at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. His research career and subsequent work has consistently centered on the integration of structural & systems biology, computer science, and cutting-edge technology, underscoring a lifelong commitment to interdisciplinary innovation – a theme kept alive and well in VantAI’s unique culture, capabilities, and strategy.

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