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Stella Vnook

Stella Vnook, PhD

CEO, Likarda
United States
Dr. Vnook is a biopharmaceutical executive with 25+ years leading innovative improvements to global clinical product portfolios from development through commercialization. She is an innovative leader and serial entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple biotechnology companies and strategic consulting firm that advises companies and Universities on how to build a successful biotech company. Dr. Vnook is a CEO of Likarda Biotech and a Founder of OralBioLife, Dialysis Biosciences and ACG Group. Stella also represents numerous organizations as an Advisor or a Corporate Board Member. Vnook serves as a Business Advisor to Rutgers University, UPenn, Penn State Invent, Georgetown University, OSU School of Medicine Innovation, Christiana Healthcare as well as Strategic Advisor for multiple Venture Firms. Prior to becoming a founder and CEO, Stella has mastered numerous leadership roles within Pharma, including Merck & Co., Jazz Pharma and Catalent. She launched numerous groundbreaking drugs, managed diverse teams and transformed numerous companies to improve profitability, optimize ROI, and enhance sales performance.

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