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Neil Inala

Neil Inala, Not Applicable

CEO, Nobias Therapeutics
United States
Neil joined Nobias in 2021 as its CEO. Neil brings to Nobias extensive engineering acumen and product development experience from multiple decades of work in high-tech companies. Just prior to joining Nobias, Neil spent ten years at Alphabet, working in areas that rely heavily on the use of modern applied artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This included stints in some of Google’s most important business units (advertising and cloud), as well as Verily and Waymo. At Verily, Neil worked in surgical robotics (on the largest and most complex 510k device ever filed), gastrointestinal imaging, analysis of vast amounts of healthcare data, and computational biology, among others. Neil also led product safety efforts for the self-driving car program at Waymo. Prior to this, Neil had a first career as an engineer, software architect, and engineering manager in a number of high-tech companies spanning securities portfolio construction and trading, cryptography/computer security, and telecom/optical communications. Neil holds a BS in Computer Science from Yale University.

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