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Michele Oshman

Michele Oshman

Senior Vice President and Head of Patient Advocacy, BIO
Michele M. Oshman is Vice President for External Affairs at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and serves as the Executive Director for the Council of State Bioscience Associations (CSBA). BIO is the world's largest trade association representing member biotechnology companies focused on human health, agriculture, and the environment. BIO also represents state bioscience associations, academic institutions, and related organizations across the United States and over 30 countries around the world. As the leader of CSBA, a federation of state-based, non-profit trade organizations each governed by its own board of directors, she works to advance their mission to promote public understanding of, and advocate for public policies that support the responsible development of the bioscience industry. As the Vice President for External Affairs at BIO, she leads BIO’s outreach to the patient, consumer, multicultural and research advocacy community. Ms. Oshman joined BIO in January 2020 after a successful 18-year career at Eli Lilly and Company, where she led federal advocacy outreach. She started her career as a clinical neuroscience researcher and served in multiple clinical development and corporate leadership roles. She earned a Six Sigma Black Belt in 2005 and led multiple transformational efforts across the company before joining the advocacy team in 2007. From 2012-2014, she served as Chair of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization Alliance Committee and held the same position with the PhRMA Alliance Development Section from 2015-2016. She chaired the Arthritis Foundation Industry Forum from 2014 - 2016, and currently co-chairs the Lupus Foundation of America corporate council. As well, she serves on the corporate advisory councils for a portfolio of national advocacy organizations. Ms. Oshman serves on the Board of Directors of the American Brain Coalition, a non-profit organization comprised of the United States’ leading professional neurological, psychological, and psychiatric associations. She recently completed her tenure on the Board of Directors for Capital Clubhouse, a Washington DC community mental health agency, which provides psychosocial, vocational, and housing support for people struggling with severe persistent mental illnesses. An active member of the Japan America Society of Washington DC, Ms. Oshman graduated from American University with a dual degree in Political Science and Communications.

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