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Lynn Durham

Lynn Durham

Lynn is a biotech entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of STALICLA, a biotech company deploying and applying a first in class discovery platform to bring precision medicine to patients with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, with a first application in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Driven by her lifelong involvement with the ASD community, Lynn has instituted a paradigm shift in the NDD drug discovery space by pioneering the creation of the first NDD specific precision medicine discovery platform. In parallel, Lynn has raised US$45M to support STALICLA’s development. Lynn has extensive experience in business development and healthcare that she gained through successive positions working for the World Economic Forum, venture initiatives in the Lemanic area and at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. Lynn has authored and co-authored 7 patents and is the recipient of a Brain Foundation Award for outstanding contribution to the advancement of treatments in Neurodevelopmental disorders. Lynn holds a Masters degree in political science from ICP Paris, a Masters degree in corporate communication from NEOMA Business School and a post graduate Masters degree in clinical trials and drug development from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva.

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