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Kevin Green

Kevin Green

COO, Elsie Bio
United States
Kevin Green is COO of Elsie Bio, a San Diego startup in RNA therapeutics. Mr. Green has 17 years of experience in the biotechnology industry in finance, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and general management. In his current role, he oversees all strategic, financial, and R&D efforts, leading a team of 9 scientists. After completing the GSK license this year, Kevin has led the team in completing work under the partnership, driving towards a license. Before taking on the COO role, Kevin was CFO and CBO of Elsie. Prior to Elsie, Kevin was CFO of Bioniz Therapeutics. At Bioniz, Kevin led efforts to raise capital and prepare the company to go public. In addition, he oversaw strategy, investor and public relations and human resources. Kevin was responsible for the sale of the company in early 2022, prior to the company going public. In earlier roles, Kevin has been responsible for corporate and business development, starting his career in biotech at Allergan.

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