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Jessica Ballinger

Jessica Ballinger

President & CEO, Lyndra Therapeutics
United States
Jessica Ballinger is a senior biotech and pharmaceutical executive with proven ability to identify patient needs throughout her 30+ year career. Ballinger has contributed to the development and commercialization of more than 15 leading-edge patient therapies while having a simultaneous focus on the improvement of organizational culture. Armed with a strong network, an advanced technical background, and a passion for patients, she provides innovative solutions and revitalizes operating infrastructures. As a trusted advisor and consummate leader Ballinger identifies, nurtures and coaches’ talent to achieve extraordinary results. During her time at Pfizer, Ballinger oversaw a multimillion-dollar product development budget. In the past seven years at Lyndra, she has participated in raising over ~ $260M through a combination of equity financing, partnerships, and grants, and overseen the organization of critical infrastructures that look towards commercialization.

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