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Jared Bauer

Jared Bauer

Chief Executive Officer, Seek Labs
United States
Jared Bauer is the CEO and co-founder of Seek Labs. Passionate about researching and innovating healthcare solutions that positively impact global health, Jared has led Seek Labs to revolutionize molecular diagnostics in order to empower patients that lack critical information to access care and receive treatment they require. Jared also serves as Chairman of the Board of BioHive, where he is leading an effort to advance the Utah Life Science community. Prior to Seek Labs, Jared founded Exuro Medical. Following Exuro's acquisition of BurnFree Products, he led the combined team to achieve distribution in 58 countries, managing regulatory processes, re-working quality systems, and making BurnFree the second-largest burn treatment product line in the world. Jared earned his B.S. in Economics from the University of Utah and MBA from Boise State University.

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