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janet Huie

janet Huie, PhD

CSO, Co-Founder, Jan Biotech, Inc.
United States
Dr. Janet Huie, PhD, is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Jan Biotech. Dr. Huie has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University and B.A. in Biology from University of Pennsylvania and completed postdoctoral training at New Jersey Medical School and Princeton University. She has more than 25 years’ experience in molecular diagnostics and novel sterilization R&D and commercialization in established and startup biotechnology companies. She has expertise in project and grants management, human study design, IRB application and compliance, validation testing, FDA/EPA/TGA applications, manufacturing, sales, and licensing. She has multiple products currently on the market, including EPA-approved water cabinet sterilization systems, now in use by 12+ airlines, FDA-approved hernia repair allograft tissue now in routine surgical use, and bone and tendon allograft tissue repair/replacements cleared for use by the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) in Australia.

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