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Ajay Vishwakarma

Ajay Vishwakarma

Founder and CEO, Cell BioEngines, Inc
United States
Dr. Ajay Vishwakarma is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cell BioEngines. He is a scientist by training and has been active in the field of biotech for more than 10 years. Most recently, Dr. Ajay was the regional manager of Agilent's (NYSE:A) Cell Analysis New England Division during which he introduced the company's cell analysis portfolio products for cell/gene therapy discovery and development in the academic and corporate market. Prior to that, he developed commercial roadmaps for advanced therapy medicinal products manufacturing in stem cell biobanking industry. Dr. Ajay earned his doctor’s degree from MUHS India, master’s in tissue engineering & regenerative medicine from Cardiff University, UK, and post-doctorate from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying stem cells and cellular engineering. Dr. Ajay performed his PhD research at MGH Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard wherein he developed single cell genomic strategies to understand human tumor immunology and identifying functional immune cell subtypes. Next to his research interests, he holds a MBA degree in Finance from University of Massachusetts Boston and is involved in the development of novel immunotherapeutics in biotech and in venture capital.

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