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Uvax Bio, LLC

Monday, February 26, 2024
Infectious Diseases
Uvax Bio is a clinical stage, privately funded biotechnology company focused on developing vaccines to address unmet clinical needs in the prevention of infectious diseases. Uvax Bio holds the exclusive worldwide rights to the 1c-SApNP® vaccine platform from of Scripps Research. Uvax uses rational and computational biology to analyze viral structures and to design vaccine antigens to be engineered to resemble a virus in its pre-fusion (infective) state. Uvax also engineered a universal protein nanoparticle that delivers 20-60 antigens in our VLP. Uvax has12 vaccine candidates. Uvax is focused on its lead program which are HIV-1 vaccines UVAX-1107 & 1197. A Phase 1 study with Uvax’s HIV-1 vaccines was approved by the Australian TGA in December 2023. This study will begin in January 2024. Uvax is advancing two additional vaccine candidates for Universal Influenza and RSV/hMPV into preclinical development in 2024.
Kevin O'Neill, Sr. Vice President - Uvax Bio, LLC




United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Ji Li, Ph.D.

Lead Product in Development

Vaccine for HIV-1 prophylaxis

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase I

Number Of Unlicensed Products

5 in core portfolio

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