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Tactical Therapeutics, Inc

Monday, February 26, 2024
Tactical Therapeutics, Inc is a clinical stage private Co in New York, developing Carboxyamidotriazole orotate (CTO) which has shown safety and efficacy in primary brain cancer and many undruggable heavily pretreated solid cancers with resistant mutations. CTO has unique properties which allow it to succeed, e.g., - Inhibits calcium signals linked to several oncogenes, and calcium channels (multi-targeted). - Inhibits inflammatory cytokines and a perfect companion for Immunotherapies to reverse redundancy -Targets multiple cell types, and multiple genomic markers, leaving the tumor without options. - Crosses the Blood Brian Barrier. Completed three Phase 1 trials in i) Forty-four Advanced Cancer Patients with different solid refractory tumors and ii) Forty-two GBM patients- 27 Recurrent and 15 Newly diagnosed. Plan to run randomized Fast Track Orphan Drug Phase 2 in Recurrent GBM, followed by and Phase 2 trials in other solid cancers. (RCC, CRC, NSCLC, OC)
Rashida Karmali, Chief Executive Officer & President - Tactical Therapeutics,Inc




United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Rashida A. Karmali, JD, Ph. D, MBA

Lead Product in Development

Carboxyamidotriazole Orotate (CTO

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase II

Number Of Unlicensed Products

One (1)

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