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Sustained Therapeutics

Monday, February 26, 2024
Pain Management
Sustained Therapeutics is a clinical stage company utilizing advanced clinical and research expertise to develop a patented novel locally injected sustained-release drug delivery platform. This platform can deliver multiple different drugs. Our first product is a non-opioid therapeutic with the potential to provide effective, long-lasting solutions for managing both acute and chronic pain. Designed to relieve pain in a highly controlled way over longer periods with fewer side effects than current standard of care, it offers up to four weeks of pain relief from a single injection. In addition it is non-addictive, unlike opioid drugs. Sustained Therapeutics has completed a successful Phase I trial and has two Phase II trials underway, one in post-operative pain and the other in chronic pain. We anticipate completing these trials in mid-2024. A Phase II study of our second product, an oncology drug with an orphan indication, has received regulatory approval and will commence soon.
William Annett, CEO - Sustained Theraeputics


British Columbia




CEO/Top Company Official

William Annett

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ST-01 for acute post-operative and chronic pain

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Phase II

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