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supernova bio Co. Ltd.

Monday, February 26, 2024
Multiple Therapeutics
Supernova Bio is a R&D-focused bio-venture that has developed therapeutic agents for lipolysis, anti-lipoma, and liposarcoma by utilizing gas-generating polymer nanoparticles that significantly reduce adipose tissue. Supernova Bio’s adipo-cytolytic agents are nanoparticles manufactured from FDA-approved biocompatible polymers. And The surface of these nanoparticles are covered with peptides targeting adipocytes. These nanoparticles selectively and effectively generate carbon dioxide within adipocytes, causing cell death and reduction of adipose tissue. Currently, Supernova Bio is partnering with a pharmaceutical company with cGMP facilities in order to finalize SOP (standard operating procedure) and CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, control). Supernova Bio’s innovative therapeutic agents represent a significant technological advancement over what is currently available in the body fat reduction market and are poised to disrupt the industry.
Junkeun Chang, Founder & BOD chairman - supernova bio Co. Ltd.


Korea, Republic of


CEO/Top Company Official

Hyung Woo, Lim

Lead Product in Development

Injectable lipolysis agents The only FDA-approved injectable for fat dissolving is Kybella, produced by the U.S. company AbbVie. However, supernovabio offers a novel fat-dissolving injection with a unique drug delivery system, distinguishing it through a completely different mechanism compared to Kybella. We designed functional PLGA nanoparticles with tailored ligands to target specific adipocytes, achieving effective delivery while minimizing side effects, and enhancing fat-dissolving efficacy.

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3 supernova bio is engaged in research and development on a new pipeline for liposarcoma and lipoma.

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