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Portal Instruments, Inc.

Monday, February 26, 2024
Digital Health
Portal Instruments is a clinical-stage drug delivery and digital health company transforming injectable biologics into 21st century therapies that are needle-free and seamlessly cloud-connected. Portal has developed a needle-free device is computer controlled and connected to enhance at home chronic self-injections of expensive biologics. Portal’s delivery technology is derived from research at MIT and enables the administration of high viscosity biologic drugs with less discomfort and without the anxiety of handling needles. Multiple studies have shown that the delivery experience with the Portal device is preferred by users and less painful than a needle and syringe. Real time connectivity and AI set a new standard for interactivity between the patient and care teams, monitoring adherence and persistence, and potentially improving patient outcomes. Portal Instruments is ISO 13485:2016 certified and partners with pharma companies to create nextgen drug/device combination products.
Patrick Anquetil, CEO - Portal Instruments




United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Patrick Anquetil, PhD, MBA

Lead Product in Development

PRIME Needle-free and Connected Drug Delivery Device

Development Phase of Primary Product

NDA Preparation/In Review

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