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Navega Therapeutics

Monday, February 26, 2024
Gene/Cell Therapy
Navega Therapeutics' mission is to develop durable relief for chronic and complex diseases, via DNA gene regulation. The company’s technology is centered around a ZF-AI, a proprietary deep learning algorithm exclusively in-licensed from UCSD that enables the design of zinc-finger protein arrays to target DNA of any length without the need of linkers, to enable epigenetic gene therapies--or the ability to up and down regulate genes of interest with high level of specificity and potency at the DNA level. As Navega not only believes that epigenetic modulators are of importance, but also how these are delivered, the company also has unique IP around immune-stealth AAVs that enable dosing even if pre-existing antibodies exist, as well as circular-RNA technology which enables epigenetic modulation via lipid nanoparticle delivery. The company has three programs, in chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and retinitis pigmentosa with IND expected by Q12025.
Ana Moreno, CEO and Founder - Navega Therapeutics




United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Ana Moreno

Lead Product in Development

AAV epigenetic gene therapy targeting Nav1.7 showing the ability to prevent and reverse chronic pain in multiple pain models (inflammatory, neuropathic, visceral, arthritic pain), with IND expected in Q12025.

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