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IVIEW Therapeutics Inc.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
IVIEW Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage ophthalmology-focused therapeutics company based in Cranbury, New Jersey committed to the treatment of ocular diseases with high unmet medical needs through innovative small molecule drugs and gene therapy approaches. Our focus on novel mechanisms of action combined with our proprietary drug delivery technology platforms allows us to advance highly differentiated assets with superior target product profiles. Currently, our portfolio includes novel products to treat Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis, Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Glaucoma. IVIEW has built an exceptional team with ophthalmologists and pharmaceutical experts with entrepreneurial experience to execute on its drug development programs. IVIEW’s strategy has been externally validated with an investment of over $40M from well-known VCs. We are seeking development/commercialization partners and in parallel pursuing an additional Series B fundraising round with a target raise of $30M.
Bo Liang, Chairman & CEO - IVIEW Therapeutics Inc.


New Jersey


United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Bo Liang, Phd, MBA Chairman & CEO

Lead Product in Development

Broad-spectrum treatment for Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis. Worldwide revenue from the global Eye Infections Treatment Market is estimated at US $7.3 Bn for 2022. Acute infectious conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) is one of the most common and most contagious ocular infections seen worldwide. Approximately 80 percent of infectious cases have a viral etiology. There is no FDA-approved treatment for viral conjunctivitis and currently no single treatment effective in the treatment of acute conjunctivitis regardless of its cause, i.e., viral, bacterial and fungal, which represents a massive unmet medical need. IVIEW-1201 is an extended release in-situ gel povidone iodine composition (non-steroidal) which exhibits sol-to-gel phase transitions when instilled into the eye. The effective concentration of povidone iodine is maintained by the equilibrium between the solution and gel-bound components resulting in a long lasting anti-viral and antimicrobial effect. We are currently completing Phase II clinical trials of IVIEW-1201 in both viral conjunctivitis and bacterial conjunctivitis and expect to announce topline data at Q1 2024. TRPM8 agonist for treatment of DED DED is a highly prevalent condition with poor treatment options affecting more than 30 million patients in the USA alone. The global market for DED exceeds $6 Billion. Our lead asset, IVW-1001, is a selective TRPM8 agonist and significantly increased and normalized tear secretion vs vehicle (Schirmer) within 20 minutes of application in dry eye patients in preliminary clinical trials conducted in Korea. Furthermore, IVW-1001 improved dry eye symptoms (ocular discomfort, OSDI, Computer Vision Score) with statistical significance after 2-week treatment with IVW-1001 vs vehicle. IVW-1001 is well-differentiated from the only other TRPM8 asset in development by its superior physiochemical properties (allowing rapid and persistent response) and route of administration (topical administration to the upper eyelid with sustained delivery of the drug to the ocular surface tissues). The US FDA IND application is targeted for Q1 2024 with initiation of Phase I/II studies in Q1 2024.

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