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Humanetics Corporation

Monday, February 26, 2024
Multiple Therapeutics
Humanetics is a privately held, clinical stage pharmaceutical company located in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Humanetics entered the field of radiation modulators through a cooperative research program with the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI). AFRRI's mission is the discovery and early development of drugs that can protect warfighters from the harmful effects of radiation. From this program, BIO 300 emerged as a lead candidate and the underlying technology was in-licensed from the Department of Defense to Humanetics. In the ensuing years, the Company has progressed this program into clinical stage with a primary focus on improving the treatment outcomes for patients receiving radiation treatment of solid tumors. Humanetics has three open INDs for BIO 300. We have active clinical programs focused on medical countermeasures, solid tumor radiotherapy and in COVID-19. The Company has recently received a $20 million grant from the DoD for BIO 300.
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BIO 300 is being developed for multiple indications utilizing a variety of patented formulations. Indications for BIO 300 include: -treatment of inflammatory pulmonary injury (e.g., related to respiratory viral infection, trauma, sepsis, inhalation of harmful substances) -as a medical countermeasure to increase survival in patients acutely exposed to myelosuppressive doses of radiation as a medical countermeasure to mitigate the delayed effects of acute radiation exposure, particularly pneumonitis and fibrosis of the lungs -the protection of normal tissues and as an adjunctive treatment for solid tumor cancers in patients undergoing radiation or chemoradiation therapy The active ingredient in BIO 300 is a small molecule with limited solubility and poor oral bioavailability, which prevents absorption of therapeutic doses without proper formulations. Humanetics has developed a patented, stable nano-particle formulation that greatly improves oral bioactivity (see Pharmacokinetic Data). BIO 300 has a variety of biological effects, which leads to its unique efficacy as a radiation modulator. These include effects on cell cycle regulation, oxidative stress, DNA damage repair, inflammation and fibrosis. (see Mechanism of Action). BIO 300's unique mechanism allows it to selectively protect normal tissues and to avoid protection of tumor cells. BIO 300 is in a Phase I/II clinical trial in patients undergoing radiochemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer. See more about this trial. Given the similarity between radiation- and COVID-19-induced inflammation, and the demonstrated safety profile of BIO 300, it is an excellent drug candidate to treat COVID-19 patients. BIO 300 is currently in a Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate its efficacy to mitigate impaired pulmonary function in COVID-19 patients recently discharged from the hospital.

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BIO 300 for oncology indications

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