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EG 427

Monday, February 26, 2024
Gene/Cell Therapy
EG 427 develops a unique vector platform to deliver pinpoint neurotherapeutics to treat prevalent diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system. Our vectors can achieve focal transduction in specific regions and then selective expression of transgenes in targeted subsets of neurons thanks to the control of sophisticated regulatory elements. With demonstrated clinical safety and possible repeated dosing, the large payload capacity of nrHSV-1 vectors allows either for long-term gene therapy, or all-in-one gene editing approaches. EG 427 is the second company to bring a non-replicating HSV-1 vector into clinical development with an IND filling with the FDA in early 2024. Our product, EG110A, addresses multiple severe bladder diseases (including NDO and OAB) by targeting selectively sensory neurons and has the potential to be a major improvement over existing therapies, resulting in better care for the patients and lower costs for the healthcare systems.
Don Haut, Chief Business Officer - EG 427




CEO/Top Company Official

Philippe Chambon, CEO Don Haut, CBO

Lead Product in Development

EG110A in Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity and Overactive Bladder

Development Phase of Primary Product


Number Of Unlicensed Products

2 assets + Vector platform

Double Helix


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